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Hi!  I'm Kate!

I am a licensed architect and the founder of Balanced Home, Balanced life. As a wellness architect, I have a passion for integrating wellness and health into architectural design. My mission is to help health-conscious families create homes that support and promote health, happiness and longevity.

With well over a decade of architectural design experience, I have the expertise to guide families toward the creation of a home they will fall in love with, all while keeping them safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. I have the passion to improve others lives in the same way mine was improved when I created my own healthy home.

Health and wellness are  priorities for your family, so it's time that your home helps promote your health-conscious lifestyle.

Kate not only focuses on health, but also on how to make each area of my home more relaxing so that it provides a sense of calm in my otherwise hectic life.  I have already been able to make some simple changes that made a big difference in the day-to-day comfort of my house. ~ Jenn Sanborn  | Engineer, Mom