Are you living in a healthy home?  

Healthy Home

If any of these apply to you, then you might not be.

  • Your home is like a small circus with people and animals running in every direction, and there is no place to go to get a little bit of calm in your life.
  • You have been sick for what feels like an entire year.
  • Every evening before dinner you swiftly shove the piles of clutter on your dining table to one side so everyone has a place to eat.
  • You feel run down all of the time and can't figure out why.  You eat well, exercise, even meditate, but you have no energy.
  • You want to stop buying bottled water, but your tap water tastes too bad to drink.
  • Even though you sleep eight hours a night, you still wake up exhausted.
  • You constantly wonder what that smell is.  (ie the smell of your house).
  • Everywhere you look, you see toys, backpacks, dirty clothes, soccer balls, etc.
  • You rarely eat fresh veggies because they're too much of a pain to prepare.

So then, what makes a healthy home?

You might think of a healthy home as having good indoor air and water quality, but a healthy home is about so much more than clean air and water.

It is about creating an optimal living experience so that every day can be your best, most productive day.  

A healthy home encourages a good night's sleep, proper nutrition and exercise.  It creates a connection to nature which promotes happiness and speeds up healing.  A healthy home creates an environment that will allow you to thrive.

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Hi there!  My name is Kate, and I am the founder of Balanced Home, Balanced Life.  I am a licensed architect and a wellness and sustainability expert.  I like to sum it up by calling myself a Wellness Architect.  I am passionate about designing healthy, sustainable homes and teaching homeowners how to create a healthy home and lifestyle.

I started on the path of wellness design in 2015 and haven't looked back.  When I first went back to work after having my son in 2014, the struggle to manage it all definitely hit me hard.  There was stress at work, stress at home, minimal sleep, and so much to do!  I barely made my way through that first year, and I knew something needed to change.  I needed to find calm in my life as a working mom.

Since I wasn't able to do too much about the stress at work, I decided to look at what was causing my stress at home.  And then I realized that the house I was coming home to was not set up for providing wellness.  It was actually hindering my and my family's health and happiness.

I went to work making small adjustments to my home that had a big impact on our health and wellness.  Within a few months I was seeing changes in my mood.  I was eating better.  I was getting a better night's sleep.  I was more productive at work.  And most importantly, the time I spent with my family improved dramatically.  Creating a home that promoted wellness was a life saver for my happiness, my relationships and my sanity!

Are you looking for a custom designed home?  Head over to to find out about my custom design services.

We are here to help you

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The mission at Balanced Home, Balanced Life is to teach homeowners the importance of living in a healthy home and how to design a health and wellness focused home.  We have the passion and the expertise to create a home for you and your family that promotes happiness, good health and longevity.  

Whether you are building a new home or making over an existing home, we will help you create a calming, healthy retreat that tells your unique story.