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031 // Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Wood Flooring

Who doesn't love a wood floor?!⁠

⁠It's comfortable to walk on, it looks beautiful, it can come in so many different styles, and it can last a very long time.⁠⁠

But what is the best type of wood floor for a healthy, sustainable, wellness-focused home? What types of finishes are safe? Do you need an underlayment?

⁠⁠I'm digging into all things wood flooring in today's Healthy Home Design podcast episode.

029 // What are the mechanical, lighting and water systems of a Sustainable Wellness House?

In a sustainable wellness home, we're striving to use as many passive design strategies as we can.  Strategies like natural heating from the sun, natural cooling from wind, natural lighting, and natural ventilation.

But in most places in the world, these passive strategies aren't quite enough to keep a house comfortable year round, so mechanical systems need to be added.

This is especially true for ventilation systems.  Mechanical ventilation is a must in a well-insulated and air tight house.

028 // What Does It Feel Like To Live In A House Designed For Wellness And Sustainability?

My favorite thing about buildings is the way they have the power to affect how I feel.

Have you noticed this?

A really massive concrete building might make you feel tiny, and maybe even a bit nervous.  A small, dark entryway feels pretty uncomfortable.  Smells and textures within a building can give you a feeling of curiosity.  Pathways and playful spotlights of natural lighting can make you feel excited, like you're on an adventure.  

027 // Choosing the Land, Orientation and Construction Type for Building Your Wellness Home

Welcome to September, where I'm happy to report that it is now acceptable to consume Fall flavored treats.  (I always miss CO the most this time of year since I no longer have access to my beloved Hey Pumpkin from DBC.)

This time of year is the perfect time to begin planning your new build or renovation project.  In many areas of the country (the cold, snowy areas) it's not ideal to start construction work during the winter.  

Which is why fall and winter are the best seasons to be designing your future home so your plans are ready to go for spring construction to begin.

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