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010 // Luxury Residential Wellness Design Trends with Rochelle Maize

Today we are going to live in luxury because I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Rochelle Maize, Beverly Hills' leading luxury real estate broker that specializes in wellness real estate. 

Rochelle is going to be sharing with us current wellness trends she is seeing in the luxury real estate market and where trends are headed in 2020 for wellness in our homes.  

She also shares some trends she is seeing in the non-luxury market as well.  So there are some great ideas in here that everyone can incorporate into their wellness homes. 

009 // Healthy and Sustainable Countertops for Your Healthy Home

Are you sick of Googling the best healthy and sustainable countertop options for your kitchen renovation?  

I have you covered.  

On today's Healthy Home Design podcast, I am sharing my ten favorite countertops for a health and wellness focused home.  You will also learn what countertops I recommend avoiding in a healthy home.

006 // How Much Does A Healthy Home Cost To Build?

Have you thought about building a home that encompasses your health and wellness goals, but figured it would be too expensive to build?  A healthy home must cost more to build than a typical home, right? 

Guess what?!

It doesn't have to!

This podcast episode breaks down the myth that a healthy and eco-friendly home will cost more to build than a typical home.  There are certain items that need to be included in a healthy home that will cost more than a typical home, but those costs can be balanced out by cost-saving strategies that take place when designing a healthy home.  

005 // How to Reduce Stress and Create More Calm in Your House

I've said it before, but I'll say it again 🙂  A healthy home is about SO much more than healthy air and water. 

This week on the Healthy Home Design podcast, I'm talking about the mental health side of a healthy home.  And since mental health is also tied to physical health, the ideas I share in this episode are really powerful tools to treat both your brain and your body to some much needed r&r.  

While it is good to have calm spaces in all the rooms in your home, I think it is important to start with the entryway, the living room and the bedrooms.  This episode will provide strategies to start transitioning your home to a calm retreat by focusing on these three rooms.

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