Tips For Choosing Healthy and Non-Toxic Furniture

One of the most common questions I get when people want to start making a healthier home has to do with choosing healthy furniture. 

And believe me, I know how challenging this can be!

I have done countless hours of research and trial and error to find the best non-toxic furniture for all different price points.  Rather than making you take hours of your time, I've condensed my research to give you a few great tips to help you choose healthier furniture.

How To Create A Safe, Natural and Healthy Nursery

It's crazy how many women I know that are all due right about now (including me!).  With my baby's arrival just weeks away, I certainly have baby gear on my mind!  And of course it is a priority to make sure I am creating a healthy and safe nursery for my new little one.  

I went through the process of creating a non-toxic nursery for my son four years ago, and spent months researching all the natural baby products I needed for a healthy and safe nursery.  It was exhausting!  

Biophilic Design and How To Sleep Better At Night Naturally

Well-being takes more than a visit to the gym and eating healthy food.  Since so much of our time is spent at home we should be surrounding ourselves in a space that promotes happiness and reduces stress.  That is where biophilic design comes in.  Biophilic design is design that reconnects us to nature.  A house designed with biophilic features will create a calm atmosphere for us to unwind at the end of a long day.  

My Renovation Update: A Healthy Basement Remodel

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally making great progress on our healthy basement remodel!  This area has been much needed for our household since Pieter and I both work from home.  We had completely run out of room!  

The finished basement will definitely be a multi-purpose space being our son's play room, our TV room and both of our offices.  The most important factor in creating this new room was to make sure it was going to be a healthy space for all of us.

Why I Use A Vitamin C Shower Filter

Do you filter your drinking water? Yes? Good!  Alright, how about your bathing water?  If you are like most of us, then your answer is probably 'no'.  But you should be!  

The water we bathe in needs to be just as clean as the water we drink.  This is because our skin and our airways are capable of taking in the chemicals that are lurking in our water.  It doesn't take long for chemicals absorbed through our skin to enter the blood stream.  And when we take hot, steamy showers, chemicals in the water vaporize which we then inhale.

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