Safe Alternatives to Conventional Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets serve a useful purpose.  They keep our dresses from sticking to our thighs, and fleece jackets from sending electric currents through us when we pull them from the dryer.  But – are they safe?  In this post I'll discuss potential health concerns and what I've found to be suitable alternatives to conventional dryer sheets. 

How We Turned an Awkward Floor Plan Into A functional Home

Last year we bought this awesome ski cabin in the woods.  Through my dreamy eyes, it was full of charm, contemporary rustic-ness and potential.  But in reality it was a poorly constructed, poorly designed 35 year old musty house.  *whomp whomp.*  

We bought the 1,350 square foot house knowing that it would be a fixer upper and began making improvements as soon as we moved in.  Since I am an architect, I started with how we can fix the layout of the house to make it function better.  There were awkward and unusable spaces all over the house.  This post is going to walk you through the existing floor plan, and how I altered it to give it better flow and functionality.  I will also explain how I focused on a layout that will promote a healthy lifestyle.

Aging in Place and Designing for Safety

Aging in place is the concept of being able to stay in your own home as you age into and through your senior years.  To do this, a home must be designed to accommodate things like limited mobility, fading eye sight, and the higher risk of injury from trips and falls.  So what does aging in place design have to do with wellness architecture?  Safety!  A home that is designed to adapt to an aging person is a home that is going to be safe and easily accessible for everyone.

Renovation Series Part 3: How to Budget for a Home Renovation

Ah budgeting.  The word that makes most renovation seekers cringe.  To many people, budgets are considered a necessary evil of a renovation project.  But they should not be feared.  They are the tool that allows you to complete a renovation you will be proud of.  A poorly thought out renovation budget, (or a complete lack of one) will result in a nightmare of a renovation.  The project might even have to be halted before it’s complete.  Let’s look at some ways to decide on your renovation budget, determine if your budget will cover the desired renovation, and stay on target during the entire renovation.

Engineered Wood Siding Review: Part 1

I have been researching siding options for months, trying to find the most sustainable siding option that will fit into our budget.  For us, picking a siding comes down to cost, ease of installation, maintenance and durability, and its impact on the environment.  

I was trying to find the perfect siding that will do the least harm to the environment, will help protect our house from water damage, and that we can afford.