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019 // The Very First Thing You Should Do When Renovating or Building A Wellness-Focused Home

Starting a big project like renovating or building a new home can feel very scary.  Of course it's exciting, or should be exciting!  But for many people, it's daunting.  

Where do you even begin?  How do you turn all the ideas floating around in your head into something cohesive that you can pass along to your builder or architect?

This could be especially true if you have an idea in mind, such as green and healthy living, but you don’t know how to articulate it. Feeling like you won’t be able to explain what you want for your home may be holding you back from making progress. 

018 // 10 Easy, High-Impact Ideas To Start Making Your Home Healthier Today

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of creating a home that will enhance your family's health and well-being?

If so, I can definitely relate.  When I started transforming my house into a healthy home back in 2015, I was completely overwhelmed from all the research I did online.  I was overloaded with information, misinformation, and conflicting information.  

And I had no idea where to start.  Finally, I just dove in, and through extensive research and lots of trial and error along with my expertise as an architect, I worked through creating my own health and wellness focused home.  

017 // What Insulation to Choose For Your Healthy Home and Why

It's the season of heating, which means you might be feeling the lack of insulation in your house, both because you're cold and because you're energy bill has gone way up.  

Insulation is one of the main factors affecting your comfort in your home.  
If you're planning to build a new home or renovate your existing home, it will pay to get the insulation right.

In today's Healthy Home Design Podcast episode, we're diving into all things insulation.  This episode is packed with good information to get you started on making informed insulation decisions for your home.

016 // Choosing Paint Colors For a Calm and Stress-Free Home

Have you ever picked a paint color for a room and then realized you didn't enjoy being in that room anymore?  I have (more than once)!  

When I was in college it was trendy to paint a single wall of a room red.  Although, to be honest, I can't remember if it was actually a trend, or if I saw it in a Sex and The City episode and mistakenly thought it was a good idea.