Get clear on your vision for your new home or renovation

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let's fine-tune your vision For your new home together

If you're still unsure of your vision and overwhelmed by the steps ahead, let's work together to create a clear vision for your future home.  

As a licensed architect, I work with home owners everyday, helping them envision their new health and wellness focused home.  

Let's nail down your vision together so that you can create a home that truly aligns with your passions and healthy lifestyle.

Our time together will bring you clarity, making your life easier during the design and construction process.  It will save you time, money, and overwhelm.  And it'll help ensure that your finished home is going to be exactly what you want.

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Get the confidence to clearly Express your project vision and goals to your architect or builder

Our One-Hour clarity call will help you refine your goals and purpose statement so that your builder and/or architect will have a clear understanding of your vision.

We'll also discuss what the next steps are in the design process so that you know what to expect throughout the whole home building journey.

After our time together, you'll go from feeling uneasy about sharing your ideas with the design and construction professionals to feeling excited about discussing your vision and the clear direction of your project.

Your Clarity Call Package Includes: You'll have a clear purpose statement, your list of goals, and the next steps for your project outlined for you.

How It Works


Watch The Video and Follow The 3-step process

If you haven't yet, watch the video tutorial (above) on creating your Purpose Statement.

Once you've watched the video, follow the 3-step process for identifying your goals and intentions.  

Fill out the worksheet to write down your answers to the 3 steps.

And remember, give yourself about a week to observe your home before trying to write your purpose statement.


Book your clarity call

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Send me your workbook responses

This step is very important to make sure we nail down your goals and intentions together on our call.

Send me the notes you took while observing your home (step 1), the answers to the question prompts (step 2), and your purpose statement (step 3).  

Once you book your session, you'll receive instructions on how to send me your responses.

Even more important: Don't worry about what your responses say!  There are no wrong or bad answers.  Everything that you write down will help us get closer to your clear vision.

Investment: $147.  Payment is due at time of booking.

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Meet Your Architect

Hi, I'm Kate!  I'm a licensed architect with the passion and expertise to guide your family toward the creation of a home you will fall in love with, all while keeping you safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Five years ago, I discovered the power of a healthy home when I transformed my house into a home of health and wellness.  But before then,

I was stressed out. Overwhelmed. And defeated.

I thought I was doing all the right things to live a healthy lifestyle, but I still wasn't feeling my best.  And then I realized my home was preventing me from living my optimal healthy life. And in some ways it was actually hindering my family's health.

My home transformation showed me how POWERFUL a healthy home can be.

Now I help homeowners everyday create a home that will enhance their family's health, happiness and longevity.  

I start by helping families get a clear vision of their health and wellness focused home.  Gaining this clarity removes the overwhelm and gives families confidence to begin the design and construction process.