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Expert guidance to create your healthy home

Helping you gain the power to create a home that keeps your family safe and aligns with your healthy lifestyle.  

If you are a health-conscious person that puts a priority on keeping your family safe and healthy, then you are probably worried about the negative impact your home is having on the health and well-being of your family. 

You’ve heard about the dangers of traditional household products, furnishings, building materials, and mold.  You’ve heard that they contribute to asthma, neurological disorders and cancer.  You might have even heard that traditionally designed homes can cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep, affecting your productivity and mental well-being. 

You want to make your home a safe and healthy place for your family, but you just don’t know how to do it.

The amount of information on the internet about toxins in your home can be overwhelming, and honestly, quite scary.  You have searched all over the web and still don’t have a clear path on how to create a home that promotes health and wellness.

Not to mention, the stress you feel about wanting to create a healthy and calm environment for your family with no direction on how to do it is actually making you feel worse!

I get it.  I was there with my own unhealthy home a few years ago.  As an architect I was able to transform my home to protect my family’s health and to create a happier experience for us all.  

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Imagine Your Life If...

  • You could walk into your home at the end of a stressful day and immediately feel a sense of calm wash over you.
  • You didn’t have to worry about the toxins your children are ingesting as they play on your living room floor.
  • You woke up every morning feeling refreshed and energized for the day.
  • Your family’s constant allergies, headaches or breathing troubles subsided so you could all be functioning at your healthiest, most engaged level.

You can feel these things when you set your home up to support your healthy lifestyle and keep your family safe.

Three years ago, I discovered how powerful a healthy home can be.

When I first went back to work after having my son in 2014, the struggle to manage it all definitely hit me hard. There was stress at work, stress at home, minimal sleep, and so much to do! I barely made my way through that first year, and I knew something needed to change.

Since I wasn't able to do too much about the stress at work, I decided to look at what was causing my stress at home. And then I realized that the house I was coming home to was not set up for providing wellness.


My house was actually hindering my family's health and happiness.

So I went to work making small adjustments to my home that had a big impact on our health and wellness. 

Within a few months I was:

  • Seeing changes in my mood
  • Eating better
  • Getting a better night's sleep
  • More productive at work

And most importantly, the time I spent with my family improved dramatically. Creating a home that promoted wellness was vital for our health, happiness, and relationships, and for my sanity!

A short time after this transformation I discovered the WELL Building Standard, which is an internationally recognized rating system for designing buildings that promote the health and wellness of building occupants.  

This provided the scientific validation that the transformation to my home was in fact improving my family’s health and wellness.

Once I transformed my home and felt the affects it had on my family, I realized that other families are probably looking for a home that improves their health and wellness as well.  

Whether these families were planning to build a new home, renovate their existing home or do a home transformation like I did, I could guide them through the process and show them how to create a home that puts health and wellness at the forefront.


arch sketch

I created Designed For Wellness for home owners like you to be able to follow my strategic guidance to create a home that enhances health and wellness.  One that allows you to ease your worries and keep your family safe.  

YOU can create this home for your family, and I am going to walk you through how to do it.

As a licensed architect, I have the expertise to incorporate design ideas that successfully create a home that will:

  • Improve your air and water quality, keeping illnesses away
  • Make you feel calmer
  • Encourage healthy eating and fitness habits
  • Help you sleep better
  • Improve your productivity

I have implemented these design strategies in many homes, including my own, and I know the power they have to create spaces that improve your well-being.

Designed For Wellness takes you room-by-room to show you how to design and transform your home into a healthy retreat.

Here is what you will be able to accomplish when you enroll in Designed For Wellness

Module 1: The Eight Healthy Home Elements

This module sets the foundation for the course and is an introduction to the eight categories I use to ensure a home is truly going to provide safety, health and wellness for its occupants.

  • Learn the dangers that come with traditional building practices and how traditional home design can compromise your healthy lifestyle.

Module 2: Setting the groundwork

This module is taking a look at the whole house and teaching you basics for building placement and other healthy home design strategies that will shape the way each room in your house functions and feels.

Learn how to:

  • Understand your property, and place your home to maximize natural sunlight
  • Pagelines
    Decide where to place rooms within your home
  • Pagelines
    Choose the best ventilation options for your home
  • Pagelines
    Keep your home accident-free
designed for wellness

Module 3: Creating a Healthy Entryway

Your entryway is the first glimpse into your home and should wrap you in comfort and relaxation upon entering your home.

Learn how to:

  • Manage clutter and create ease
  • Pagelines
    Keep chemical-laden dirt outside
  • Pagelines
    Make it a toxin-free zone
  • Pagelines
    Choose safe flooring and furnishings
  • Pagelines
    Promote happiness and connection

Module 4: Creating a Healthy Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home.  It is the place that keeps you nourished and brings family together.

Learn how to:

  • Encourage healthy eating habits
  • Pagelines
    Design a space that invites you in and makes it easy to prep healthy meals
  • Pagelines
    Create a kitchen that lets the whole family take part in meal prep
  • Pagelines
    Keep your family safe from accidents and toxins
  • Pagelines
    Choose healthy cabinets, countertops and flooring
  • Pagelines
    Properly place lighting fixtures
  • Pagelines
    Provide healthy drinking water

Module 5: Creating a Healthy Living Room

Your living room is the place where train tracks are built by day and adults unwind by night.

Learn how to:

  • Create flexibility in your living room so that it meets the needs of everyone in your household
  • Pagelines
    Eliminate clutter with smart storage solutions
  • Pagelines
    Make it a zone of relaxation that brings you happiness and comfort
  • Pagelines
    Protect your family, especially your kiddos, from toxins
  • Pagelines
    Properly place windows to provide natural daylight and ventilation
  • Pagelines
    Choose healthy furnishings and flooring
living room

Module 6: Creating a Healthy Bedroom

Make your bedroom your retreat.  You need a place to rest and recharge, and that is exactly what a bedroom should help you do.

Learn how to:

  • Locate your bedrooms so they align with nature’s clock
  • Pagelines
    Properly light a bedroom to promote sleep
  • Pagelines
    Make your mornings easier with effective storage solutions
  • Pagelines
    Choose furnishings and flooring that keep you healthy
  • Pagelines
    Improve air quality
  • Pagelines
    Choose paint colors that encourage rest
  • Pagelines
    Create a relaxing retreat that allows you to unwind before falling asleep

Module 7: Creating a Healthy Bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of the last thoughts in home design.  They’re usually just big enough to cram in the necessities for cleaning our bodies.  Or they have awkward layouts due to designing all the other rooms in the house first.  But a bathroom should be a special place that celebrates the acts of cleaning and detoxing and allows us to relax and unwind.

Learn how to:

  • Make your bathroom a toxin-free zone
  • Pagelines
    Provide healthy bathing water
  • Pagelines
    Create a safe bathroom that discourages slips and falls
  • Pagelines
    Incorporate spa-like features that encourage relaxation
  • Pagelines
    Make it easy to keep clean



Designed For Wellness Course Includes:

  • Designed for Wellness Video Trainings
  • Downloadable PDF Guides
  • Bonus: Deep Dive Into Kitchen Design Video Series
  • Bonus: Starting the healthy home design process video series
  • Bonus: Downloadable Photo Inspirations PDF and cheat sheets

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Have a few lingering questions before making the commitment?  

Let me help put your mind at ease by debunking a few common concerns.

1)  I’m not design savvy.  How will I implement these strategies?

Don’t worry, you do not need to be a designer to implement the strategies I propose in the course.  The strategies are explained for you so that you can easily incorporate the ideas into your home.  The concepts, though basic, are powerful and rarely considered in home design.

2)  I have an architect designing my home, won’t they do this for me?

I wish the answer was yes, but most architects are not prioritizing occupant health when designing a home.  Just like sustainable or ‘green’ design, healthy home design is a specialty that not all architects are familiar with.  It is up to the homeowner to lead the charge and let their architect know that they want to include these healthy design strategies.

3)  I’m not building a new home or renovating, but I want to live in a healthier home.  Will this course help me?

While this course is designed for those renovating or building a new home, there are many strategies offered within the course that apply to existing homes as well.  You will be able to transform your home with these strategies.  If you are using this course to guide you through a home transformation, be sure to give yourself time to implement all the strategies.  When I transformed my home, I did it over several months.  Don’t rush it, or you will add more stress and worry to your days!

4)  I care about the environment as well as my family’s wellness.  Is a healthy home also a green home?

Healthy homes and green homes have a lot in common.  Generally what is good for the planet is also good for people, but that is not always the case!  I am passionate about designing homes that help humans and the planet, so everything that I mention in the course is promoting a healthy environment as well as a healthy home.

5)  I have my design style figured out, so I don’t need help with styling my home.  Is that what this course offers?

Nope.  Designed For Wellness sets the ground work for creating a home that promotes health, wellness and safety.  It gives you the knowledge you need for things like room layout, choosing safe and non-toxic materials, and design strategies that promote happiness, better sleep, and productivity, but it does not get into the details of what pattern you should choose for your bathroom tile or what accent colors to add to your living room.  This course leaves room for you to incorporate your unique design style.

Meet Your Architect

kate head shot

Hi!  I’m Kate!  I am the founder of Balanced Home, Balanced life and the creator of this course.  As a wellness architect, I have a passion for integrating wellness and health into architectural design.  My mission is to help health-conscious families create homes that support and promote health, happiness and longevity. 

With well over a decade of architectural design experience, I have the passion and expertise to guide families toward the creation of a home they will fall in love with, all while keeping them safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  I have the passion to improve others lives in the same way mine was improved when I created my own healthy home.

It took the birth of my son and a very tough first year as a new mom to realize that my home was hindering my family’s health and well-being.  So I set out to make a change. 

Not only did I want to create a home that protected us from toxins, I wanted to create a home that allowed us to thrive.

I used the strategies that you’ll learn in this course to transform my house into a space that created calm, promoted productivity, encouraged fitness and healthy eating, and allowed us to have restful sleep (luckily our baby was a good sleeper!)

This is what I want for you and your family, and I want to help you make the change that will allow your family to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course presented?

The course is presented in video format through an online platform.  You will be asked to create a user name and password once you purchase the course to have full access to the content anytime, anywhere.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever!  This program will not disappear on you.  You can log in anytime to watch and re-watch the modules.

Do you offer a refund?

Of course!  If you are not digging the content within 7 days of your purchase, you can request a refund.

Have more questions?  Send me an email!

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