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Eight Elements Cheat Sheet - Balanced Home Balanced Life

24 ways to Create A Healthy Home by following the Eight healthy home elements*

Get the guidelines I use for every home whether it's a home upgrade, a renovation, or a new build.  Following these elements will give you a truly healthy home, allowing your family to thrive.

Get actionable tips for each element that you can implement in your home today!



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About Kate Hamblet

kate hamblet

HI!  I'm Kate!

I am a licensed architect and the founder of Balanced Home, Balanced life. As a wellness architect, I have a passion for integrating wellness and health into architectural design. My mission is to help health-conscious families create homes that support and promote health, happiness and longevity.

With well over a decade of architectural design experience, I have the expertise to guide families toward the creation of a home they will fall in love with, all while keeping them safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. I have the passion to improve others lives in the same way mine was improved when I created my own healthy home.

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