Floor Plan Fix

Have your 'stock' floor plans reviewed by a licensed architect, and get professional advice on optimizing the functionality and healthy aspects of your new home without paying tens of thousands of dollars in design fees.

  • Do you have a floor plan in mind for your new home build?  

  • Are you wondering if the layout is really going to work for your family?  

  • Are you wondering how to make the layout more aligned with healthy living?

What it is:

The Floor Plan Fix will review your floor plans and provide recommendations on how to adjust the plans to help you achieve your dream home and healthy lifestyle. 

Your floor plans are reviewed by a licensed architect that will focus on the functional layout of the home and how the home will promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.  The suggestions are based on the goals you have for your home.


How it Works:

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Preliminary Phone Call

You book a 60-minute phone consult so we can discuss the goals you want to achieve with your new home.  Not sure about goals?  I will help you figure them out!

Floor Plan Fix

Floor Plan Review

I review your floor plan and make suggestions to the layout based on your goals and my professional experience.  We are looking for functional layouts and floor plans that promote a healthy lifestyle.


Follow-Up Video Call

Our final 60-minute phone conversation will include computer screen sharing so that we can walk through the suggested plan changes together.  At the end, you will receive your PDF floor plan with 'red lines' indicating the suggested changes.


Floor Plan Fix

60-minute phone call to discuss goals

Expert guidance to help determine goals

Floor plan review by professional licensed architect

'Red-lined' floor plans to take to your builder

60-minute follow-up call to discuss suggested changes



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