Healthy Kitchen Design Live Online Workshop
Begins February 2019

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Your new kitchen CAN enhance your family's health and well-being,and now it's time to discover exactly how to make it happen.

The Healthy Kitchen Design Workshop teaches you everything you need to create your new wellness kitchen.

Lead by Kate Hamblet, Licensed Architect and Founder

Why current kitchens are hindering Your health and wellness

Typical kitchens are designed for processed food storage, not fresh food preparation

Does your current kitchen have a lot of cabinets, pantries, drawers, and places to store small electric appliances?

This might sound like a good thing, but it's actually making it difficult for you and your family to enhance your healthy lifestyle.


no room for fresh produce

The design of the modern kitchen dates back to the 1950's, when US consumerism was pushing processed and canned food and an astonishing amount of small electric kitchen appliances.  

Even though we are now eating more fresh, whole foods, our kitchens are still mainly made up of dry food storage, with no emphasis placed on storage for real, fresh foods.

If we can't store fresh produce, we won't consume as much as we should.


Toxin Exposure

Kitchens contain a lot of building materials from cabinets to flooring, and most materials in a typical kitchen are made with toxic chemicals.

Formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds off-gas into homes for years, endangering the whole family.

Toxin exposure has short-term and long-term effects including headaches, allergy symptoms, asthma triggers, upper respiratory illnesses, and cancer.


Meal prep is impossible

Even though health-conscious families are getting back into eating fresh, whole foods, our lives are not getting any less busy.

Prepping meals, or at least produce, ahead of time is a time-saving way to ensure our families are getting the best nourishment throughout the week.

But typical kitchens make it nearly impossible to easily prep meals due to poorly designed kitchen layouts and lack of counter space, causing stress and frustration in the kitchen.


Unsafe Environment

Kitchens are one of the most dangerous rooms in the house.  Accidents happen all the time, accidents that would be avoidable if a kitchen were designed for safety.  

A typical kitchen puts the user in line for burns, major cuts, slipping and tripping, poisoning, and knee and back injuries.

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Ready to have the kitchen of your dreams and one that aligns with your healthy lifestyle?

Easy Meal Prep

A wellness kitchen creates space for make-ahead food prep.  

One of the hardest parts of eating healthy is finding the time to make healthy meals, so making them ahead of time ensures healthy meals throughout the week.  

A kitchen that is designed for meal prep makes the process of batch cooking multiple dinners easier and even enjoyable.

Wellness Kitchen

Design By Three Birds Renovations

More Family Time

A wellness kitchen brings family and friends together by creating an open space that has multiple work zones, allowing people to work together at food preparation without the frustration of overcrowding.

Family Time

Calm and Inviting Environment

A wellness kitchen is inviting.  It is filled with light and warmth.  It is not cluttered.  It draws you in, and makes you want to stay for awhile. 

A wellness kitchen has space to grow fresh herbs and plants, improving the air quality in the home.  Plants also have the power to increase happiness and evoke calmness. 

wellness kitchen

Design by Three Birds Renovations

Fresh Food Throughout

A wellness kitchen supports your healthy food choices by having ample storage space for fresh produce and puts your fresh produce on display so your healthy options are front and center. 

herbs and plants in kitchen

A Safe Place

A wellness kitchen helps protect your family from typical kitchen dangers like burns, cuts, poisoning, and back injury.

Thoughtful design creates a safe atmosphere for your family while making a beautiful and fully functional kitchen.

Wood cabinets

Cabinet Design by Garde Hvalsoe

Kate Hamblet RA

Hi!  I'm Kate Hamblet, licensed architect and founder of Balanced Home, Balanced Life.  As a wellness architect, I have a passion for integrating wellness and health into architectural design.  

My mission is to help health-conscious families create homes that support and promote health, happiness and longevity.

I am here to guide you through the design process of your new kitchen to ensure that your kitchen is designed for wellness.  

I created this workshop for homeowners getting ready to renovate a kitchen or build a new home to teach you exactly how to design a kitchen that will enhance the health and well-being of you and your family. 

How the Workshop works


weekly Live sessions

30-minute video conference interactive small group teaching session twice a week for three weeks

herbs in kitchen

weekly facebook live

Once a week for three weeks for inspiration, extra guidance and Q&A

kitchen range hood

private facebook group

Access to our private Facebook group to share ideas, ask questions and get inspired

design drawings

one on one

One on one video conference to review your design and ensure you are ready for construction

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Workshop begins February 2019 and runs for three weeks.