Welcome to the healthy home design podcast

Healthy home design is where your healthy lifestyle and your love for protecting the planet meet. 

This podcast will help you plan and execute your healthy and sustainable home renovation or new build project.

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everyone deserves to live in a home that keeps them healthy and happy

This podcast will help prepare you for your upcoming home renovation / addition or your new home build. It'll help guide you through the process of creating a home that'll enhance the health and happiness of your family, of all people on this earth, and of the earth itself.

As a licensed architect that specializes in sustainable and wellness design, I'd love for you to join me as I dive into healthy home design topics such as sustainable design, reducing household toxins, creating a natural home, how to tackle the home planning process, and designing a functional and comfortable home (and much more!).

When you live in a home designed for health and wellness, you're living in a home that allows you to easily prioritize self-care, that creates a better sleep environment, that boosts your immune system, that energizes you, that helps create more quality time with your family, that promotes happiness, and that protects the planet and all people on it.

A healthy home nourishes your body, your mind and the earth.

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Meet Your Architect

Hi, I'm Kate!  I am a licensed architect with the passion and expertise to guide your family toward the creation of a home you will fall in love with, all while keeping you safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Four years ago, I discovered the power of a healthy home when I transformed my house into a home of health and wellness.  But before then,

I was stressed out. Overwhelmed. And defeated.

I thought I was doing all the right things to live a healthy lifestyle, but I still wasn't feeling my best.  And then I realized my home was preventing me from living my optimal healthy life. And in some ways it was actually hindering my family's health.

My home transformation showed me how POWERFUL a healthy home can be.

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