Are you ready to make your home a safe and healthy place for your family, but you just don't know how to do it?

Let's create a home for you and your family that aligns with your healthy lifestyle.

You are here because...

  • You are a health-conscious person that puts a priority on keeping your family safe and healthy, and you are worried about the negative impact your home is having on the health and well-being of your family. 
  • You are ready to create more calm in your life, and you know that a wellness focused home will help reduce stress and promote happiness for you and your family.
  • You’ve heard about the dangers of traditional household products, furnishings, building materials, and mold.  You might have even heard that traditionally designed homes can cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep, affecting your productivity and mental well-being.
  • The amount of information on the internet about toxins in your home can be overwhelming, and honestly, quite scary.  You have searched all over the web and still don’t have a clear path on how to create a home that promotes health and wellness.

you know it's time to create a home that enhances your family's health, happiness and longevity, so let's begin!

1 on 1 services are currently at capacity.  but you can work with kate through the new designed for wellness course arriving soon!

choose the package that fits your needs

We'll focus on air, water and light quality for your renovation or new build to ensure you have the essential healthy elements covered.

We'll cover all healthy home elements from air quality to mindful spaces to ensure your home will optimize your health and well-being.

We'll make sure your new or renovated home optimizes earth's natural resources and keeps you comfortable while lowering your energy bills.

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Meet Kate

Hi, I'm Kate!  I am a licensed architect with the passion and expertise to guide your family toward the creation of a home you will fall in love with, all while keeping you safe and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Four years ago, I discovered the power of a healthy home when I transformed my house into a home of health and wellness.  But before then,

I was stressed out, run down and overwhelmed.

I thought I was doing all the right things to live a healthy lifestyle, but I still wasn't feeling my best.  And then I realized my home was preventing me from living my optimal healthy life. And in some ways it was actually hindering my family's health.

My home transformation showed me how POWERFUL a healthy home can be.

I will work with you through your renovation or new home build to show you exactly how to create your healthy home and enhance your family's health, happiness and longevity.

package descriptions

Essential Elements

About the Essential Elements Package

A healthy home begins with healthy air, water and light.  These are essential to keep your family safe from toxins, maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your longevity.  The healthy home package is designed to give you and your contractor the information needed to easily make the best decisions to create healthy air, water, and light quality in your new home.

During the design of your new or renovated home, I will work with you to help select healthy and sustainable materials and finishes, provide recommendations for heating, cooling and ventilation strategies, water filtration recommendations, lighting strategies to maximize natural light and artificial lighting guidance to help align circadian rhythms.

This is a custom package designed just for you and your home so you can feel confident that these strategies are right for you.  Product recommendations will be appropriate for and accessible in your area.  We'll also discuss your construction budget to make sure recommendations are within a reasonable price range.

Construction Retainer (Not Included)

If you'd like the reassurance of having me on hand during the construction of your home to answer contractor air, water and light quality questions, you can purchase the construction retainer as an additional service.

Average Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Investment: $2,800

What's Included


  • Healthy building materials and Finishes lists
  • Furniture retailer recommendations
  • Design strategies and details to prevent water infiltration and mold growth
  • Heating and Cooling strategies and recommendations
  • Mechanical Ventilation strategies and recommendations
  • Natural ventilation design tips
  • Guide for maintaining healthy air in your home after construction


  • Guide for testing your water
  • Water filter recommendations and placement recommendations


  • Natural lighting design tips
  • Artificial lighting placement and product recommendations

Final Deliverable is a PDF package

Optimized Wellness

About The Optimized Wellness Package

Healthy air and water are a must for maintaining your health, but a truly healthy home, one that optimizes your healthy lifestyle and allows you to thrive, needs to consider much more than air, water and light.  The Optimized Wellness Package considers all eight healthy home design elements: Air, Water, Light, Comfort, Nourishment, Movement, Mind, and Safety.

It's best to start the process early in the design phase of your new build or renovation, but if you're further along in the design phase, that's ok too!  

We will work together to ensure your air, water and light quality are healthy, and continue on to discuss design strategies for creating a thermally and acoustically comfortable home.  We'll talk about strategies to create a wellness kitchen that encourages healthy eating habits.  We'll look at your window design and make suggestions for creating well-lit spaces.  You'll receive custom strategies for creating a peaceful home that helps reduce stress.  And finally, we'll discuss tips for creating a home safe from accidents.

This package is custom to you, your home design, your construction budget, and your lifestyle.  You'll also have access to me during the construction of your home for any health and wellness related questions.

Note: This is not a custom home design.  I offer advice on a floor plan review, but don't do design work in this package.  If you'd like a custom home design, click here to learn about my full architectural services.

Pair the Optimized Wellness Package with the Energy Efficiency Package to create a truly healthy and sustainable home.  Add the Energy Efficiency Package for $1,500.

Average Timeline: 2-3 Months

Investment: $7,800

What's Included

Everything in the Essential Elements Package plus:


  • Plan review for daylighting strategies


  • Wall construction details and recommendations for a thermally comfortable home
  • Strategies for acoustic comfort


  • Kitchen layout strategies
  • Appliance selection guidance
  • Aesthetic strategies for an inviting kitchen


  • Fitness room placement and layout recommendations
  • Strategies for encouraging movement in your home


  • Biophilic design strategies 
  • Smart organization tips to reduce clutter that fits with your lifestyle
  • Custom guide for creating a bedroom sanctuary and spa-retreat bathroom


  • Plan review to check for accident prone designs
  • Basic EMF reduction tips

Final Deliverable is a PDF package

Energy Efficiency

About The Energy Efficiency Package

Your home should be a comfortable place to live, and it shouldn't cost a lot to keep it running!  When you live in an energy efficient home, you'll never notice that you're too hot or too cold, your house will be quieter, your energy bills will be lower, and the planet will be happy.

This package will assess your house plans and make recommendations for energy efficiency based on your geographic location and your building site.  We'll address house shape, orientation, enclosure, window locations and sizing, equipment, appliances, lighting, and alternative energy if desired.

Average Timeline: 2-3 Months

Investment: $3,500

What's Included

  • Redline plan mark-up for proper orientation and house shape
  • Redline plan mark-up for window sizing and locations
  • Construction strategies for the best thermal comfort
  • Insulation product recommendations
  • Construction details for an air tight enclosure
  • Sustainable materials recommendations
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment recommendations
  • Energy efficient appliance recommendations
  • Efficient lighting strategies
  • Guidance for alternative energy strategies if desired

Final Deliverable is a PDF package

Designed For Wellness Jenn

"I have already been able to make some simple changes that made a big difference in the day-to-day comfort of my house."

"Kate not only focuses on health, but also on how to make each area more relaxing so that it provides a sense of calm in my otherwise hectic life.  Her guidance gave me the confidence to make the short-term fixes and plan out the longer-term changes I need to make for my home to be a healthier place to live for years to come."

Jenn Sanborn 

"With lots of great examples and how-to’s, Kate really demonstrates her knowledge and experience, making it easy to understand and apply."

"Kate's program offers great insight and advice into creating a home that is safe, healthy and toxic free.

The program really provides a blueprint to take you from well-being conception to finish. Your family and home will be healthier and happier for joining and putting into action all of the well-being tips and strategies."

Heidi Stone